SEO for Black Friday and Halloween

If you’re selling products online, then you understand how important peak seasons are for sales.

This is the time of the year that you can make a hell of a lot of money, with consumers going online to find black friday and cyber monday deals at the big retailers and smaller retailers alike.

Google Trends will spike for most commercial keywords during this period, and so the impressions and clicks to your website will also be up.

However it also means that the competition are on their game too, looking to make their own money.

So how can you take advantage? Here are some steps:

  • Update meta descriptions to include black friday / cyber monday – the meta description doesn’t really impact rankings much, but it does impact CTR (click through rate). This means if you add black friday and cyber monday to your meta description during this time period, you are highly likely to get more clicks.
  • Update banners and site branding for black friday / cyber monday themes – user engagement is a big deal in SEO, and so if people see the site has been recently updated with the black friday branding and offers, they are more likely to stick around on the site.
  • Make extra savings obvious – this is important for ecommerce sites. If you have an extra discount for Black Friday, then make it an obvious additional discount over any other savings the products already has. So you might have 3 lines of pricing, the RRP, the old sale price, and the new black friday sale price.

Hopefull that’s inspired you to do a bit of website editing to improve your SEO during this peak shopping season.

About SEO Services, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

If you need a way to get more customers (advertising) and think getting free traffic from organic Google search is the answer, then you’re looking for SEO (search engine optimisation) services.

What does SEO Sheffield involve?

There are a few different areas that are important for SEO services.

These include the following:

Keyword Research Sheffield

Keyword research involves conducting an analysis of terms that people search for in Google, using data from various sources including Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Semrush, and others.

This video from Brian Dean is really useful to learn the basics:

Citations (Local SEO) Sheffield

If you’re looking to rank in local results, such as “plumber in Sheffield”, then you want to look for local SEO services, which will help you optimise for organic and Google Maps rankings.

The tasks involved in Local SEO include citation building, optimisation, and local link building.

This useful video from the Ranking Academy explains what Citations are in terms of SEO:

Ecommerce SEO UK

If you’re looking to rank an online store in Google, then you need to consider ecommerce SEO services. These focus on bringing up the position of product and category pages, in order to generate more online sales. This may also include conversion rate optimisation, in order to improve the user experience signals of the site, which also impact on SEO rankings. You can use Matt Jackson for ecommerce SEO services.

Which Sheffield SEO Agency should you choose?

You want to consider the factors that will make a good SEO agency for your situation.

These may include:

  • Good value pricing
  • No fixed contracts
  • Regular reporting
  • Proven track record
  • High profile clients
  • Updating methods for 2019 and later.

This SEO company Sheffield can help you rank for a great price.

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